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The success of a project depends on the people who support it. The Lentos’s basic funding, which is provided by the City of Linz and a contribution from LINZ AG, is the financial basis for the Museum’s long-term operation and its planning in terms of cultural politics. Its ambitious exhibition and event programme would however not be possible without substantial support from sponsors.

The Lentos’s strong position as a factor in the cultural development of Linz and as a landmark in the city offers possibilities for sponsors to present themselves as prominent players in our society. The Museum’s location in the heart of the city and the unfailing public perception of its activities in a field where media, urban policies and tourism overlap open up a great number of options that are of interest in terms of a targeted expansion of a communication portfolio and of a successful image tranfer to clients and opinion makers.

Entering into a partnership with the Lentos means always having your finger on the pulse of the arts”.

Premium Corporate Partner

As an energy and infrastructure corporation solidly anchored in the region, we provide attractive impulses over and above our core agenda. Under the title LINZ AG Kulturzeit, for example, we have proved a reliable partner for regional institutions of culture. In view of the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, we have strengthened our engagement in certain areas and have entered into a new partnership with the Lentos Kunstmuseum and the Nordico Stadtmuseum for 2022 and 2023. We are delighted that, at these two prestigious institutions, Sundays will become LINZ AG SONNTAGE – with two-for-one concessions for all visitors and free admission for children up to the age of 13.”

DI Erich Haider, MBA, CEO LINZ AG

Corporate Partner

The Kunstmuseum Lentos offers Linz a modern venue for art and culture. The Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ will continue to assist Linz in maintaining its excellent position as a modern city of business and culture. We will continue to be a steadfast, powerful partner for local cultural venues. This goes far beyond financial support. We want to contribute towards strengthening the positive interaction between culture and business in our region.”

Dr. Heinrich Schaller, CEO Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ

Great partnerships are like great art – powerful, timeless, and irreplaceable. If something unexpected crops up, it’s good to have a partner by your side whom you can trust. This is why the Lentos Kunstmuseum has put its trust from its very first beginnings in Austria’s largest art insurer, UNIQA. Our other clients, too, stand to benefit from this strong partnership. With exclusive events at the Lentos Kunstmuseum. To breathe life into contemporary art and bridge the gap between industry and commerce and art.”

Alexander Schinnerl, Regional CEO UNIQA OÖ

Our construction sponsors

Construction sponsors

In the task of financing the construction of the Lentos, the City of Linz had the support of the State of Upper Austria, the business community and the population of Linz. In addition to the funds provided by the public sector (City of Linz € 20 million, State of Upper Austria € 10 million), approximately 10% of the sum total of construction costs (€ 33 million) were secured through sponsoring from the business community and the purchase of building blocks” by private individuals.

The names of all the sponsors and the private individuals who purchased building blocks” are commemorated on the Dankes-Wand“, a Wall of Thanksgiving in the stairway from the museum foyer to the exhibition rooms.

Raiff­ei­senlan­des­bank Ober­ös­ter­reich
Pri­me­tals Tech­no­lo­gies (ehe­mals VA Tech)
Linz AG
Borea­lis Group (ehe­mals Agrolinz Mela­min)
Spar­kas­se Ober­ös­ter­reich
Wie­ner Städ­ti­sche Ver­si­che­rung
Ober­ös­ter­rei­chi­sche Ver­si­che­rung
Linz Tex­til
HYPO Ober­ös­ter­reich
Bank Aus­tria

Stif­tung Dr. Robert und Lina Thyll-Dürr
Mes­se Manage­ment Linz
MMS Wer­be­agen­tur
Pöst­ling­berg Schlössl Gebrü­der Gal­listl
Ver­ein Lentos Freunde



Premium Corporate Partner
Corporate Partner
Awarded the Austrian Eco-Label for Museums
Museen der Stadt Linz

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