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The Collection

  • Heimo Zobernig, Untitled, 2017
  • Gustav Klimt, Head of a Woman, 1917
  • Gabriele Muenter, The blue lake, 1954
  • Maria Lassnig, Self-Portrait with a Telephone, 1973
  • Lovis Corinth, Portrait of Wolfgang Gurlitt, 1917
  • Oskar Kokoschka, Friends, 1917/18
  • Valie Export, Identity Transfer III, 2000 (1968)
  • Andy Warhol, Marilyn, 1967

The collection is the heart and the soul of our museum. The basic idea underpinning this presentation of the museum’s collection is restoring the chronological sequence of works, which will allow visitors to get to know the most important movements and styles of art history from the 19th century to the present in the original. In addition to this, we are putting the focus on artists who have a special relationship with Linz and the Lentos, such as VALIE EXPORT and Herbert Bayer.

The Journey of the Paintings

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    Art transports from the Altaussee salt mine, 1943/44
  • Anthonis van Dyck, Jupiter as Satyr at Antiope, about 1620
  • Arnold Böcklin, Castle by the Sea (Murder in the Castle), 1859
  • 003 D Rd B Violetta Wakolbinger VIO8441
  • Exhibition view "The Journey of the Paintings", 2024
  • Exhibition view "The Journey of the Paintings", 2024


The exhibition sets off in an exemplary manner in search of works of art, which were hoarded, stored, looted, aryanized, forcibly sold, shifted to the black market, auctioned off or salvaged in the Salzkammergut in World War II.

Margit Palme

  • Margit Palme, Wig, 2008
  • Margit Palme, Wild animal, 2006
  • Margit Palme, Double Guns, 2023
  • Margit Palme, Summer chat, 1995
  • Margit Palme, Cancer under control, 1999
  • Margit Palme, Double split, 2000


In her artistic work, Margit Palme (* 1939) translates her image of women, which is based on self-determination, strength and positivity, into vivid pictorial metaphors.

Wolfgang Gurlitt

  • Exhibition view, Wolfgang Gurlitt. Art dealer and profiteer from Bad Aussee, 2024
  • Exhibition view, Wolfgang Gurlitt. Art dealer and profiteer from Bad Aussee, 2024
  • Exhibition view, Wolfgang Gurlitt. Art dealer and profiteer from Bad Aussee, 2024


In two rooms of the Kammerhofmuseum in Bad Aussee, the visiting exhibition of the Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz sheds light on the eventful life of the passionate collector and Berlin art dealer Wolfgang Gurlitt (1888–1965) and his Jewish partner Lilly Christansen-Agoston (1894–1950). Both were involved in the trade of confi scated and “degenerate” art during the National Socialist era.

The Life of Things

  • Oliver Laric, Sleeping Figure, 2023
  • CATPC, Collection of 306 Balot NFTs, 2022
    Said Baalbaki, The Arm, One Hand Can’t Clap, 2011
  • Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Destroy Your Home, Build Up A Boat, Save Life, 2015
  • Anja Ronacher, Statue, Plaster, 7700 - 7500 BC, ‘Ayn Ghazal, Amman, Jordan Museum, Gelatine Silver Print, 2019 / 2021


Showcasing contemporary works of art, the exhibition focuses on the fate of works of art and artefacts between looting, displacement, restitution, and reconstruction.


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