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The Collection

  • Heimo Zobernig, Untitled, 2017
  • Gustav Klimt, Head of a Woman, 1917
  • Gabriele Muenter, The blue lake, 1954
  • Maria Lassnig, Self-Portrait with a Telephone, 1973
  • Lovis Corinth, Portrait of Wolfgang Gurlitt, 1917
  • Oskar Kokoschka, Friends, 1917/18
  • Valie Export, Identity Transfer III, 2000 (1968)
  • Andy Warhol, Marilyn, 1967

The collection is the heart and the soul of our museum. The basic idea underpinning this presentation of the museum’s collection is restoring the chronological sequence of works, which will allow visitors to get to know the most important movements and styles of art history from the 19th century to the present in the original. In addition to this, we are putting the focus on artists who have a special relationship with Linz and the Lentos, such as VALIE EXPORT and Herbert Bayer.

Herbert & Joella Bayer

  • Herbert Bayer, Foursome, 1971
  • Herbert Bayer, Herbert and Joella Bayer in the studio at Red Mountain, Aspen, 1970er-Jahre
  • Herbert Bayer, Suspended Secrets, 1979
  • Herbert Bayer, Self portrait, 1932
  • Herbert Bayer, Leaning Gate, 1970
  • Herbert Bayer, Lonely Metropolitan
  • Exhibition view, Herbert & Joella Bayer, 2022
  • Exhibition view, Herbert & Joella Bayer, 2022


This exhibition allows a first-time insight into the lives of Joella and Herbert Bayer, their networks, friendships, and their generous donations to the Lentos. Works owned by the Lentos are complemented with loans from private collectors based in the US and photographs by Ise Gropius and Irene Bayer-Hecht from the Bauhaus Archive.

Karl Hauk

  • Karl Hauk, Masked ball, 1929
  • Karl Hauk, Selfportrait, 1923
  • Karl Hauk, Dance club, 1923
  • Karl Hauk, Nibelungenbrücke Linz, 1950
  • Karl Hauk, Two nudes, 1930
  • Karl Hauk, Italian grape barley, 1930
  • Karl Hauk, Clock Tabakfabrik Linz, 1932
  • Karl Hauk, Harvest, 1929
  • Exhibition view, Karl Hauk, 2022
  • Exhibition view, Karl Hauk, 2022


The retrospective on Karl Hauk (1898-1974) documents the extensive oeuvre of the artist, who was instrumental in the artistic education of the first post-war generation in Linz and created works in public space that are still visible today.

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