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Iris Andraschek


For the artist’s first solo exhibition the Lentos pulls together works from the last 35 years. As a comprehensive selection, the show features drawings, photographs, and spatial installations, some of which are expressly made for the occasion.

Herbert & Joella Bayer


This exhibition allows a first-time insight into the lives of Joella and Herbert Bayer, their networks, friendships, and their generous donations to the Lentos. Works owned by the Lentos are complemented with loans from private collectors based in the US and photographs by Isa Gropius and Irene Bayer-Hecht from the Bauhaus Archive.

Karl Hauk


The retrospective on Karl Hauk (1898-1974) documents the extensive oeuvre of the artist, who was instrumental in the artistic education of the first post-war generation in Linz and created works in public space that are still visible today.

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