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Herwig Turk & Gebhard Sengmüller. Danube:Island


Industrial zone, local recreation area and sensitive ecosystem – the Danube as a moulded cultural landscape is characterised by stark contrasts. The Austrian artists Herwig Turk and Gebhard Sengmüller have chosen this as the starting point for their large-scale artistic research.

The Journey of the Paintings


The exhibition sets off in an exemplary manner in search of works of art, which were hoarded, stored, looted, aryanized, forcibly sold, shifted to the black market, auctioned off or salvaged in the Salzkammergut in World War II.

Wolfgang Gurlitt


In two rooms of the Kammerhofmuseum in Bad Aussee, the visiting exhibition of the Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz sheds light on the eventful life of the passionate collector and Berlin art dealer Wolfgang Gurlitt (1888–1965) and his Jewish partner Lilly Christansen-Agoston (1894–1950). Both were involved in the trade of confi scated and “degenerate” art during the National Socialist era.

The Life of Things


Showcasing contemporary works of art, the exhibition focuses on the fate of works of art and artefacts between looting, displacement, restitution, and reconstruction.

Margit Palme


In her artistic work, Margit Palme (* 1939) translates her image of women, which is based on self-determination, strength and positivity, into vivid pictorial metaphors.

Join in and sing!


As part of the Anton Bruckner Year 2024, the exhibition is dedicated to the aspect of communal singing from the perspective of contemporary art. The collection brings together around 20 national and international figures for whom singing is a fundamental point of reference within their artistic practice.

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