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Ars Electronica
Ulf Langheinrich. Waveform B


Now for the second time, the basement of the Lentos Art Museum will be one of the venues for the renowned Ars Electronica Festival.

With Waveform B Lentos devotes an exhibition to the German media artist Ulf Langheinrich, born 1960 in Wolfen. In this installation presenting monochrome painting and video slides, what is characteristic of Langheinrich´s media art are the high resolutions of the images and installations leading to planes, stripes and vibrations in what is perceived. The symmetrical arrangement of the objects in the two Lentos rooms is distorted by projections and stroboscopes, resulting in different spatial impressions and perceptions. In addition, the continuous flickering and vibrating of the state of constant oscillation” – in Langheinrich´s words – leads to a constantly changing reception on the part of the visitors.

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