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Ars Electronica


For the first time, Lentos will be taking part this year in the festival that brings a throng of experts, fans, art managers, computer aficionados, writers on art and artists to Linz every year. 

As part of the festival, Lentos is putting on a Digital Avant-Garde / Prix Selection, curated by Gerfried Stocker and Benjamin Weil, which will be previously on show in New York from 21st May and is expected to be in Linz from 2 September to 4 October 2004.

Push/​Pull by Edwin van der Heide (NL) interactive media installation, 2 to 7 September 2004

These are two round inflated cushion objects that are moved as the viewers interact. Both objects react to one another and repeat the movement executed. Duration of exhibition: during ars electronica

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