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HR GIGER. The Art of Biomechanics
Featured Artist Ars Electronica 2013


HR Giger is the featured artist at Ars Electronica 2013. The Swiss native gained worldwide renown with his Alien creature that played a major role in Ridley Scott’s 1979 science fiction film attaining cult status. The exhibition at the Lentos features world-famous images as well as some of the artist’s paintings, sculptures, graphics and short films that have never been shown before.
The exhibition traces HR Giger’s path from the Necronom cycle to his latest work featured in the 2012 film Prometheus. Giger’s legendary Alien Diaries from 1978 – 79 are among the rarities on display at the Lentos.

Born in 1940 in Chur, Switzerland, Giger’s artistic roots extend back into the art history of the 19th century. He was part of the 1960s avant-garde and one of the leading innovators in the fantastic art genre. HR Giger’s works have already attained the status of classics, and not only among aficionados of 1990s cyberculture. The painter, sculptor, architect and designer made an international name for himself with the development of a biomechanical” style all his own. The figure he created for Alien is considered a milestone in the sci-fi/horror film genre and was singled out for recognition with the 1980 Oscar in the Best Visual Effects category.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Ars Electronica Festival, Lentos, the artist, the Museum HR Giger in Gruyères and the Giger-collector Marco Witzig.

Curator: Andreas J. Hirsch

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