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Ars Electronica: John Maeda – Nature

  • Exhibition view, Ars Electronica: John Maeda - Nature, 2006
  • Exhibition view, Ars Electronica: John Maeda - Nature, 2006

The Nature series consists of a series of seven motion paintings”, representing abstract forms evocative of those found in nature. Between three to six minutes in length, each motion painting is made up of several short sequences depicting intensely colored abstract shapes and patterns that constantly move, expand and evolve. Culling his metaphors from nature – trees, sky, grass, moon, fire, wind, rain, snow – John Maeda offers us a glimpse of digital space in the spirit of landscape painting.

These digital landscapes are generated by a new software technology that the artist created in order to paint in space and time.” Inspired by the dynamic spirit of Abstract Expressionism, the artist designed this technology so that he could paint” animated images on the computer in a simple gestural manner. Following a long line of abstract painters such as Paul Klee, Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman, John Maeda employs subtle changes of form, color and pattern to create works that are both visually stunning and profound. Through the hypnotic beauty and sensuality of these images, the artist aspires to bring us closer to the computer and lead us to a deeper understanding of its inner nature.

John Maeda is a world-renowned graphic-designer, artist, computer scientist and professor at the MIT Media Laboratory (Cambridge/​USA).

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