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Rare Moments

  • Exhibition view, Futuresystems. Rare Moments, 2007
  • Exhibition view, Futuresystems. Rare Moments, 2007
  • Exhibition view, Futuresystems. Rare Moments, 2007
  • Exhibition view, Futuresystems. Rare Moments, 2007
  • Exhibition view, Futuresystems. Rare Moments, 2007

Dreaming the Future in the Present.

The exhibition shows installations by seven international artists, some of whom are presented for the first time in Austria. Born between Argentina and Denmark, between 1957 and 1978, they represent a globally operating generation of art producers gaining strong recognition and influence through their presence at biennials, art fairs and the major exhibition venues.

The two juxtaposed terms of the title open up the space between the poles of the reflexive and the emotional experience of art. futuresystems – the view into the future, perspectives and planning – what could the world look like in the future, which options for action will people have?

Rare Moments – the here and now, presence, exceptional moments, intensities, which art makes possible.

futuresystems : rare moments takes the idea of possible or alternative worlds as its starting point. It deals with a call to risk taking a look at visions – at how life could be, at the future in the present.

The artists of the exhibition do not only ask how we can or could experience reality, they also experiment with visions of future possibilities … and dare to dream the future in the present. The exhibition relies on a renewed faith in the power of artistic work that is able to generate unique experiences, images and ideas.

futuresystems : rare moments makes use of the fact that reality is always incomplete.

The exhibition does not limit itself to depicting or critically commenting on reality, but instead orchestrates visual and communicative intensities that can be taken as promises of something new.

The intensity of futuresystems : rare moments is based on what could be called astonishing doppelgängers, speculative visions and experimental situations, unconventional, uncanny, unexpected enough to surprise, enchant, entice and captivate the viewers and challenge them to leave their normative standpoints and open up at least the suggestion of a space of dreaming.

Surprising doppelgängers of realities can be described as forthright, beautiful, poetic, moving, magical, idiosyncratic, evocative.

The surprising doppelgängers undermine the authority of language. They communicate by means of unique poetry, in dialogues of desire and anticipation.

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot (FR)

Carolina Caycedo (GB) & coparticipants

Olafur Eliasson (DK)

Leandro Erlich (ARG)

Michael Kienzer (A)

Job Koelwijn (NL)

Martin Walde (A)

Sponsor list:

CulturesFrance, Französisches Kulturinsitut, Mondriaan Foundation, ATEC, bauMax AG, Gibson, LIKE MIRROR, Marshall, RioTinto, VITRA GmbH

The exhibition is supported by the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union as part of Translate (translate​.eipcp​.net)

Kuratorin/​Creativ Coordinator: Maia Damianovic (GB)


*Please understand that we offer our video production in German language only.

Lentos - futuresystems : rare moments

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