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Join in and sing!

  • Ines Doujak, Sing mit! [Sing along!], Temporary art project in Vienna's urban space, 2019/20

As part of the Anton Bruckner Year 2024, the exhibition is dedicated to the aspect of communal singing from the perspective of contemporary art. The collection brings together around 20 national and international figures for whom singing is a fundamental point of reference within their artistic practice. The works on display explore singing in its various levels of meaning: be it as an expression of personal identity, as an opportunity for intercultural exchange, as a means of (political) protest, or as a community-building practice within contemporary societies.

Videos, acoustic and sound installations as well as performative projects, some of which were created especially for the exhibition, are presented within an attractive exhibition architecture in the large hall of the Lentos. The exhibition invites visitors to explore the role of communal singing in the context of contemporary art. 

In Cooperation with Anton Bruckner Year 2024

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