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Pandata | Lentos


Initiated by the Lentos Art Museum in cooperation with the Department of Experimental Design at the Art University Linz, during the study year 2004/2005 a group of students developed proposals for a vibrant use of the public zones around Lentos.

A project has been selected for realization and will be available to passers-by and Lentos visitors throughout the summer:

Doris Prlic / Malis Stöger / André Tschinder:

Pandata / Lentos

Four audio stations in the form of telephone booths around the museum and one in the foyer allow curious people to witness apparently very urgent telephone conversations. Four parts of a conversation can be listened to through the receivers, in which someone purportedly locked in the depths of the museum depot seeks help. It gradually becomes evident, however, that the person locked in is an intruder, possibly a spy, who is supposed to obtain secret information from the high security tract of the museum (where?).

Prlic / Stöger / Tschinder play with the contradictory identity of the museum as a public place and a highly protected, in many respects regimented institution.

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