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Video as Urban Condition

  • Exhibtion view, Video as Urban Condition, 2007

Video as Urban Condition explores how video has become part of the fabric of the city and of urban experience: how video mediates the web of interactions between media and architecture, subject and commodity, identity and desire, the city and its phantasmagoria. The ´urban condition´ not only means the built environment, it also includes social and political conditions, questions of identity and subjectivity. 

Video as Urban Condition presents the Video Pool Archive: a collection of videos from different cities.


Video as Urban Condition will host a series of events such as workshops, video screenings, lectures and discussions reflecting particular interests in the fields of video and the city: local, amateur, professional, academic, specialist, activist etc.

Our aim is to provide a platform for communication, demonstration and exchange.

Organised by Anthony Auerbach and Thomas Edlinger

In cooperation with: Art University Linz Linz

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