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Guided tours and art talks

Guided tours for pupils and art talks for pupils are always open to discussion and are geared specifically to the level of knowledge, interests and needs of the pupils as well as to the educational goals of the respective school level.

In art talks” we also use specially developed methods (such as the Chinese basket”) to give pupils access to modern art.

The duration and the focus of a guided tour or an art talk can be chosen by the teachers and agreed with us – we will be happy to work with you to develop a suitable offer!

Category Price
Guided tours
1 hour
Flash light guide
30 minutes
Art talks
1,5 hours
Art talks
2 hours
Prices are per pupil, admission to the museum is free for pupils in class

Guided tour for students through the current special exhibitions

Every guided tour for pupils at the Lentos Kunstmuseum is conversation-oriented and also includes creative moments that enable them to find their own approach to art. Information on art history, biography and contemporary history is presented in such a way that it can connect with the students’ ideas and enrich their view of art. 

Questions, astonishment, but also rejection on the part of the pupils are taken seriously and, by weaving in information and new questions, are transformed into a productive, interesting discourse about art. 

Especially for primary schools, guided tours for pupils include creative, non-verbal and self-acting activities on selected spaces or works. These creative interventions include storytelling, free association and close looking exercises, creative communication with art through various artistic and puzzling materials, and elements of play and performance.

Guided tours for students about the architecture

The architecture of the Lentos is very striking and worth exploring in more detail! During an architectural tour for pupils, we will take a close look at the Lentos from all sides (also from the outside) and explore the effect of its spaces on different levels, for example by trying out how the Lentos sounds, which ways of moving are possible here and how the museum communicates with the world.

Flash light guide and art talks on selected issues

Flash tours last about half an hour (or shorter) and are suitable for those school classes that either do not have time for longer excursions or would like a short impulse before their own tour. 

However, flashlights can also be conducted on very specific questions, such as an artistic position, a style or a biography. They are therefore also suitable for preparing for the Matura and as VWA inputs.

Art Talks (...With the Chinese basket...)

Art talks are based on carefully conceived methodical introductions. They enable even inexperienced museum visitors to gain independent access to modern and contemporary art. Methods such as the Chinese basket” are based on associations and the linking of art with one’s own life or thoughts. The pupils select individual works, which we then look at in detail together. Art discussions include phases of individual exploration and phases of joint viewing and talking as well as situations of free association and weaving in information.

Contact & Booking

Karin Schneider (Head of Art Education) will be happy to advise you on selecting or putting together a suitable program for your group. Send an email to: karin.​schneider@​lentos.​at, she will call you back.

If you have already found the perfect program for your group, you can book your desired date directly with the Teleservice Center of the City of Linz at +43 732 7070 3614 or kassa@​lentos.​at.

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