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The workshops combine practical work in the Lentos Danube Studio with creative exploration of one of the exhibitions along a chosen theme. The practical working methods are diverse and range from painting to portrait drawing and object art to creative writing or elements of performance. The respective workshop offers enable intensive exploration of a specific artistic issue (e.g. on portraiture, surreal methodology), develop one’s own creative potential and promote a self-active approach to modern and contemporary art.

The workshops are aimed both at those groups of visitors for whom a purely verbal approach to art would be unsuitable and at all those who want to engage with art more intensively and on different levels of exploration.

We also invite particularly active people to take part in an outdoor programme as museum detectives”!

The exact workshop chosen depends on the respective school level, the interest of the group and the educational goals. We will be happy to advise you personally and put together a programme according to your specific needs.

Category Price
Workshop 1
1,5 hours
Workshop 2
2 hours
Prices are per pupil, admission to the museum is free for pupils in class


Workshop: Color Magic

What is your favorite color? Can you feel, hear, or taste colors? After we have explored colors in the exhibition in a child-friendly way, it’s time to mix colors in the studio.

Workshop: Figures come to life!

Making faces, throwing arms in the air like winners or striding proudly like kings. Today we will look at special figures and form our own ones out of plasticine.

Workshop: Picturesque and Fabulous

Close your eyes and there you are in the land of fantasy. We’ll look for mythical creatures in the exhibition and then paint our favorite fabulous character.

Elementary schools, after-school care centers, grammer schools

Color Magic

What is your favorite color? Can you feel, hear, or taste colors? After we have explored colors in the exhibition in a child-friendly way, it’s time to mix colors in the studio.

Fantastic figures

Going on a tour through the museum, strange creatures and fairytale-like figures are looking for new friends in our collection. The pictures and objects we come across in the process inspire us to come up with ideas for our own fantastic figures, which are created in the studio from a wide variety of materials.

Baam Boom Bang

It’s not quiet at all in Lentos today. Together we explore what a museum sounds like and build musical instruments with simple tools.

Outdoor program: Detectives in and around the museum

A new program outdoors and in the museum: detectives are on a secret mission on the trail of the unfathomable at the Donaulände and the museum. This program is very playful and takes place mainly outdoors.

High schools

The fully automatic

Today, we write and draw quite automatically, without a concrete goal. The focus here is on the pleasure of doing. It’s hard to believe how much creativity lies dormant in us, which can be awakened by chance and a few tricks.

Show me your face

Together we will look at portraits by Klimt and Schiele, talk about them and learn something about their backgrounds. Afterwards, we will paint portraits of ourselves and experiment with artistic methods and painting techniques.

Outdoor program: The Lentos and the Donaulände

We explore the sculptures in front of the Lentos (Forum Metall) and the architecture of the museum in its effect on public space: What is going on around such a museum? How do people react to it? What effect do sculptures have on the countries? This program takes place mainly outdoors.

Contact & Booking

Karin Schneider (Head of Art Education) will be happy to advise you on selecting or putting together a suitable program for your group. Send an email to: karin.​schneider@​lentos.​at, she will call you back.

If you have already found the perfect program for your group, you can book your desired date directly with the Teleservice Center of the City of Linz at +43 732 7070 or info@​mag.​linz.​at.

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