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Symposium: Herbert Bayer

Herbert Bayer (1900−1985) is considered the epitome of the modern universal type of artist. Born in Haag am Hausruck (Upper Austria), the Bauhaus master, who worked successfully for the Nazi regime as a commercial artist and was defamed as a degenerate artist” in 1937, had an international career even before his emigration to the USA in 1938. Following the Bauhaus model, he worked successfully in a team-oriented and interdisciplinary manner in all artistic disciplines with international industrial groups, museums and tourism. His career took him from Linz via Germany to the USA, where Bayer set new standards as a visionary universal artist.

On the occasion of the exhibition Herbert & Joella Bayer. Joining Forces in the Service of Art, Lentos has organised a symposium on 07.10.2022 that focuses on the diversity of research approaches and perspectives on this multifaceted artist and thus demonstrates the relevance and vitality of his cross-disciplinary, international oeuvre.


01:00 pm

Hemma Schmutz, Linz (AUT), Director Lentos Kunstmuseum

01:15 pm
too much of an inventor (Joella Bayer). Stiftungen / Archiv Herbert & Joella Bayer im Lentos 

Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller, Linz (AUT), Curator, Vice Director, Head of Collection Paintings & Sculptures, Lentos Kunstmuseum

01:30 pm
Das Design Herbert Bayers: Währungen der Praxis

Oliver Klimpel, Dessau (GER), Head of Curatorial Workshop, Bauhaus Dessau

02:00 pm
als die nazis das land stehlen kamen“ Herbert Bayers Weg vom Bauhaus in die Emigration 

Patrick Rössler, Erfurt (GER), Professor of Empirical Communication Research/​Methods at the University of Erfurt and Head of the Research Centre for Biographies of Former Bauhaus Members

02:30 pm
Der überflüssige Oberförster“, Bayers (Werbe)Visionen zu Umwelt und Ressourcen in Krieg und Frieden

Irene Wögerer, Linz (AUT), Climate Culture Officer, Climate Alliance Austria

03:00 pm
Bayer als Architekt und Landschaftsgestalter

Bernhard Widder, Wien (AUT), Writer, architect, Bayer researcher

04:00 pm
Bayer’s Legacy in Denver

Gwen Chanzit, Denver (USA), Curator Emeritus of Modern Art and Herbert Bayer Collection, Denver Art Museum; Prof. em. , University of Denver Lecture in English Language via Zoom

04:30 – 05:15 pm
Introduction, Resnick Center for Herbert Bayer Studies, Aspen
Geometry of an Illusionist: The Anthology Paintings of Herbert Bayer

Bernard Jazzar, Aspen (USA), Curator Lynda and Stewart Resnick Collection, Curator Aspen Institute, USA, Lecture in English Language via Zoom

05:15 – 05:15 pm
Round Table Forum Metall Linz

with companions and friends of Herbert and Joella Bayer: Peter Baum, Helmuth Gsöllpointner, Fritz Schmidmair; moderator: Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller

06:15 – 07:00 pm
Walking Around

Six Petritsch Architektur
Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch lead a dialogue tour of the exhibition with the curator Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller and talk about their design-ideas.

Green Event

Symposium video documentation

Symposium: Herbert Bayer / Hemma Schmutz (1/9)

Symposium: Herbert Bayer / Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller (2/9)

Symposium: Herbert Bayer / Oliver Klimpel (3/9)

Symposium: Herbert Bayer / Patrick Rössler (4/9)

Symposium: Herbert Bayer / Irene Wögerer (5/9)

Symposium: Herbert Bayer / Bernhard Widder (6/9)

Symposium: Herbert Bayer / Gwen Chanzit (7/9)p

Symposium: Herbert Bayer / Ber­nard Jaz­z­ar (8/9)

Symposium: Herbert Bayer / Round Table Forum (9/9)

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